Installing TorBot (Maybe part 1 of a bigger project)

After learning from this page that some .onions are further obfuscated by only being online during certain hours, I thought it would be interesting to write a program that systematically “pings” the site to see if it is up or not….then look at the times to see if they correlated with a geographical server location. My first step was to find a tool with capability of checking site status. I found one on GitHub called TorBot. There were a couple annoying roadblocks, so here is my install process.

sudo apt-get install tor

cd /etc/tor

cat torrc

sudo apt install python3-pip

pip install beautifulsoup4 pyinstaller PySocks termcolor requests request_mock yattag

git clone

python3 ~/TorBot/src/

pip install ete3

Try again!

Found this page in troubleshooting search:

but pyqt5 was already installed

Then found this page in troubleshooting search:

That worked, in that It moved me straight into another error.

pip install validators

Surely, that’s the last….

pip install dotenv

Doesn’t work.

Then found this page in troubleshooting search:

pip install python-dotenv

This time…maybe?

pip install threadsafe

pip install progress

Oh my God it worked.

Let’s get down to business. python3 ~/TorBot/src/ -u http://propub3r6espa33w.onion -q

So what does a down link look like? I found a random link from a .onion link repository that they confirmed is down to see what it would look like in TorBot. Basically, it times out.

The next step is to get this working in a Python script!

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