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Imported OWASP virtual machine in VirtualBox, and attached to internal network. Logged into OWASP virtual machine using username ‘root’ and password ‘owaspbwa’. In Kali, navigated to to access first challenge. In username and password fields entered test’ or ‘a’=’a Login successful! Navigated to ‘’. Tried same values for username and password as before. Error …

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NullBytes VM

First I set up my two machines: the attacker and the target. Since Kali is a Linux distro with lots of fun hacking tools already installed, this is what I used for my attacker machine (read: I’m lazy and don’t want to type sudo “apt-get install” fifty billion times). I obtained the target machine (“NullBytes”) …

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I used this tutorial. Unfortunately the discussion forums on the website have gone pretty stale, meaning more trial and error in terms of best methods for printing. Additionally, the website doesn’t really talk about the science of growing the plants themselves, so I have an alarming amount of weed growing websites in my history – …

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Treat Dispenser

I used: Adafruit tutorial (We followed this pretty exactly; it’s a great tutorial. What follows in this post only focuses on the problems we encountered.)Circuit playground expressCRICKIT for circuit playground expressMicro servoFlex PCB material (6″x6″)Copious amounts of hot glue The first problem I encountered with this project is the unavailability of a 3xAA holder with …

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